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The Business of Telehealth

There’s a lot involved with building a Telehealth program. Besides determining which services and support you’ll offer to your patients and connected providers, you’ll need to be aware of the business aspect of Telehealth as well.

There are a number of steps to building a sustainable Telehealth program. We have broken the process into three basic steps, each of which should be considered in your business planning process.

First, Program Planning and Implementation need to be considered. What services will you provide, where will you connect, who will drive your program and many other concerns need to be addressed in the formation of your Telehealth project.

Once you have completed your preliminary plan, the next step in Building a Telehealth Program is to prepare a business plan for the project. A thorough and well-thought-out business plan will guide you through the implementation process. Business plan preparation will answer questions and address concerns before they become challenges. We have gathered several documents to help you plan and clearly define your Telehealth project.

A critical step in ensuring the program grows and flourishes is Marketing Telehealth. Through several webinars and development of Marketing Toolkits, NRTRC has compiled a number of helpful documents to guide you through the process of developing your Telehealth Marketing Plan.

The Business of Telehealth
The Business of Telehealth

Key Issues in Specialty Consultation Telemedicine Services

An Implementation Guide

This is a guide to Specialty Telehealth Services prepared by our colleagues at the Great Plains Telehealth Resource & Assistance Center (gpTRAC). They have offered to share it with our members to help them develop their telehealth services. As noted in the preface, the guide provides general information and guidance regarding issues of importance around patient services. It is not intended to serve as a “step-by-step” guide to service implementation. Every organization’s needs are unique and would require more in-depth discussions with NRTRC staff to identify a complete implementation plan for your program. You are encouraged to contact staff directly if interested in that service.

We hope you find it helpful.
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Program Planning and Implementation

Operating a Telemedicine Network can be an exciting challenge. It is also very rewarding. As part of our process of sharing information to help new and existing networks grow and bring greater access to healthcare to underserved areas, we offer information and advice from existing successful Telemedicine/Telehealth providers.
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Marketing Telehealth

Marketing can be the most exciting part of a Telehealth solution. It’s an opportunity to win followers and fans, take victory laps, grow your solution, and set expectations so that you have fewer headaches during the rough times. However, marketing is sorely underdeveloped in Telehealth and we have a few tips that can help!
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Building a Telehealth Program

NRTRC will work with individuals or organizations, to help them develop a telehealth program to fit their organization and community’s needs. We have some helpful documents and as always if you are looking for something specific please contact us.
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